PURE5 Nutrients equipment

THC remediation by conversion

The THC remediation by conversion without intense heat is a proprietary method for PURE5 where the molecule of the THC is transformed by oxidation and or electromagnetic wave frequency influence to other cannabinoids.

The 5L unit PURE5 produces consumes only 250W of energy and can convert the THC in other non psychoactive cannabinoids with rates from 0.06% per hour to around 1.5% per hour.

no solvent is involved

Since no solvent is involved the cost to run the 5L PURE5 THCF remediation system is only the consumed power. With a 250W system it will be 6kWh/day or $0.72 cent a day to remediate 1-2kg of material.

The 5L THC remediation unit can be connected directly after any extraction system and process can be continued since the process flow is extraction, THC remediation and Distillation.

Fully automated process

Fully automated process that includes 3 machines would look like this:

20L Extraction

6” Wipe Film

5L Remediation

The cost of creating a gram of broad spectrum concentrate is a penny .